Irregular Sounds was created in 2004 as a sublabel of Reserved Sounds. Managed by dj Marmol, the first release was "the beginning" produced by Frank Moss. 3 years later, Frank Moss took control of the label that was abandoned and with the collaboration of percussionist Abel Serraima they published the second reference called "El Diablo". The success of this release made label grow and the establishment of "Irregular Sounds On Tour 2007", which took the sound of the label by nightclubs in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Benidorm, Jaen, Ibiza, Miami, Santiago de Compostela, etc.. Thanks to the great response to this tour, created a section on the website dedicated solely to this type of information and feasts with the minimum requirements needed to organize such parties. Shortly after they released third and fourth references called "Let me be" produced by Freaker and "africam" produced by Room 139. Irregular Sounds is currently focusing on itself as one of the reference house music label.

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